King of Kings

Church News | Sunday, 24 November 2019 |

By Joan

All Power!

All Power!

Today is the last Sunday in the church calendar… The day when we celebrate ‘Christ the King’. Leading the service this morning, Revd Diana helped us reflect on the ultimate sacrifice Jesus gave for our sins. In her address, Revd Carolyn reminded us of how Jesus was mocked and ridiculed yet he forgave his accusers for they didn’t know what they were doing. Jesus was all powerful, but he would not use his power to test God, unlike many today who abuse their power. However, a guilty one who hung beside Jesus recognised that He was without sin and on saying so, Jesus promised the man that he would be beside him in paradise. Today we celebrated the ‘Angel Tree Project’ when we were privileged to donate toys and gifts to children whose fathers are imprisoned. Men, who, because of their misdemeanours are not able to buy gifts for their children this Christmas. The toys and vouchers were taken up to the alter after ‘the Peace’ where they were blessed by Revd Carolyn.

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