Church News | Sunday, 26 January 2020 |

By Joan

United in Christ

United in Christ

In our part of the world the week of Christian unity spanned from 18 January until the 25 January an observance lasting eight days. Little was said or done about it, what with all that is going on in and around the world at the moment so very few of us knew about it, but we were well reminded of it today through Revd Anne’s address to the congregation… She told us how different and diverse the Christian faith is around the world, and how varied its observance is even in this country. Revd Anne said that in Kenya Christians meet together out in the open for most of the day dancing and singing robustly with their sermons often lasting for hours! It seems that Roman Catholic’s don’t approve of female priests and while some will bar women from taking any part whatsoever in the Eucharist service others will make them feel very much at home. So, like the body has many different parts making it a whole, no matter how diverse our faith is, we need to be united in the love and worship of God.

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