Candlemas: 02.02.2020

Church News | Sunday, 2 February 2020 |

By Joan

The beautiful Christingles

The beautiful Christingles

The amazing date of 02.02.2020 may only occur once in 900 years but Candlemas happens every year in Church. The Family Service this morning celebrated Christingle once again, and once again it was a truly joyous service…Revd Carolyn opened the service and Revd Julie led the service in her usual happy style. Revd Anne read the Gospel of Luke 2: 22-40 telling us that wonderful story of Simeon and Anna who recognises the infant Jesus as the Messiah, (a must read). Revd Diana gave the talk and answered two questions she had been asked frequently, one was about the ‘Christingle’ and its meaning, and the other about the Christmas tree that was still lit up and looking splendid – even after 40 days! The puppet crew then performed a lovely Christingle song called ‘Hope of Heaven’ reminding us of how Jesus is the Light of the world, followed by most of us collecting a beautiful Christingle where the candle of each was lit by the clergy team. Such a beautiful, joyous service, a service where money is donated towards the Children’s Society charity. If you didn’t get to church and would like to support the Children’s Society go to: where you can donate.

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