Worrying times

Church News | Sunday, 9 February 2020 |

By Joan

Climate change.

Climate change.

With storm Ciara wreaking havoc all over the country today it’s no wonder there wasn’t the usual amount of people in church this morning. With devastating high winds bringing down trees and causing untold damage, many people I am sure would be fearing for their lives, so most thought it best to stay in the safety of their home. Is it all to do with climate change? Or is it yet another ‘explanation’ of natural weather cycles. Well today, Revd Carolyn gathered her small band of people to talk about just that! She said that although climate change doesn’t seem to have that much affect in her life at the moment when she sees film of the catastrophic chaos around the world owing to the earth’s problems she worries very much for her children and grandchildren’s future. Although we can all do our bit, in actual fact, our small effort amounts to almost nothing in the grand scale of things, but of course we can always pray, pray and pray again. For I am sure we all believe that if we pray hard enough the Good Lord will say ‘Here I am’ and help us through these worrying times. Amen.

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