Daily Prayer during Covid 19 Pandemic

Local News | Tuesday, 17 March 2020 |

By Rev'd Carolyn Tibbott

Those of you who come to church will know that I am a complete technophobe... so the offerings on this website will be simple.

I believe that at this time there is nothing better for us to do than to pray to a God who loves us. If we frame our days in prayer they will seem worthwhile.

I also believe that we are called to serve our neighbours, loving them as we love ourselves. So while you remain well, remember Jesus command and undertake whatever single acts of loving kindness you are able to do whilst keeping yourself safe.

The ministry team here will continue to pray for you all.

Those of you who use Facebook, please check in regularly.

Those of you who use a mobile phone... why don't you put the duty phone number for the Ministry Team in your contacts list and send a 'WhatsApp' message. It will be good for me to be able to send you pictures and prayers through that medium.

I am hoping to be able to upload the first Morning Prayer video soon. Pray for me as I get to grips with the technology and drag myself into the 21st Century.

Holding you all in love and Prayer

Carolyn, Vicar of Broomfield

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