Round the Bend - The secrets of plumbing

Church News | Monday, 24 June 2013 |

By David Marcus.

Round the bend?

Round the bend?

The Men’s Group were treated to an introduction to the secrets of plumbing after their customary get together in the King’s Arms on Thursday 20 June. Jim Tibbott gave us the insight into the various types of pipes, fittings, taps and systems.

We all now know the difference between a Stop Cock and a Gate Valve, Plastic and Copper pipes, Compression, Soldered and Solvent types of joints. Finally the different heating systems i.e. conventional or combi, were explored with much audience participation.

A convivial and informative evening was had by all and our thanks to Jim who stepped in at short notice.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 18 July. You will find more details in the next edition of theRoundTower.

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