Refreshing Ladies!

Church News | Monday, 29 July 2013 |

By Joan Vine

The Refreshing Ladies

The Refreshing Ladies

Some of the members of the Ladies Group are always ready to organise refreshments for any of the church functions that occur. Not only do they organise, but there is all the serving and clearing up after, not to mentioning of course, the many cakes and other goodies that they provide. We have had more than the usual amount of celebrations this year, what with Anne Harvey’s ordination, the Flower Festival and the Confirmations so there has been an extra amount of work for the ladies group to tackle.

As usual, I was buzzing around the churchyard and then in the hall at the Confirmation celebration supper with my camera when I suddenly felt a pang of guilt and thought perhaps I had better put my camera away and offer my services in the kitchen. However, upon reaching the kitchen door I could see seven busy ladies all smiling and laughing together so decided to return to my camera, I realised of course, that there was no way I could get into the kitchen to take a photo so I decided to lean through the small hatchway and get a picture of the refreshing ladies from there. I showed it to Carolyn and she thought it was so good that she asked me to put it on the website so here it is, and with it goes her grateful thanks for all the work that the ladies group do. Thank you!

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