1st Sunday of Lent

Church News | Tuesday, 11 March 2014 |

By Joan Vine

Great work!

Great work!

The beginning of lent reminds us of the temptations laid before Jesus during his 40 days spent in the desert. Our reflection for the week tells us that temptation is part of being alive, it is around us constantly and we are sure to be tempted to turn away from God and wander from the path all our lives.

Our scripture reading from the Old Testament was of the temptation and fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. We are all tested on a daily basis but being able to resist doing what we feel is wrong I am sure, helps to keep our faith strong.

Passing the message of temptation and resistance can be difficult work for those who lead and teach children and young people however, our Fun Faith leaders must have put the message over very loud and clear after seeing the wonderful collage done by St Mary’s youngsters. Revd Carolyn called the children to the front of church at the end of the 10.30am service this Sunday to show us what they had done and their work and efforts brought forth spontaneous applause from the congregation. We were delighted to see the children’s work pinned up in church for all to see and of course, remind us of today’s temptations that are put before, not only a more modern Adam and Eve but us too.

Well done girls and boys and thank you!

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