The course in Christian studies

Church News | Saturday, 27 June 2020 |

By Carolyn Tibbot

The Course in Christian Studies has helped people in Chelmsford Diocese for 30 years, to learn more about the Bible, prayer and the Christian faith.

Meeting in local groups, there is a mixture of input, conversation and practical exercises.

Group members are:

  • Keen to learn more about the Bible, prayer and Christian history and mission
  • Willing to participate in discussion
  • Ready to do some reading and preparation before each session

Those who have completed the CCS know more about:

  • How God teaches us
  • The Bible
  • Prayer and the sacraments
  • Church history
  • Christian decision making
  • What Christians believe about God
  • Our part in God’s mission

Each unit has five sessions (except that for the Old Testament, which has six). Most groups take a session a week and do two units in each term.

All the essential reading material is provided, while recommendations for additional reading and resources are supplied.

Certificates are presented at the end of two

years in a Cathedral service.


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