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Church News | Monday, 13 February 2012 |

By Mavis Tebby

Another book?

Another book?

During Advent I went into the Resource Centre at Guy Harlings to order another study book for our Wednesday morning house group. Christine Watson and I had been there together on another occasion, bemoaning the fact that we were having difficulty finding suitable material. We were delighted with the studies by Kate Hayes, but these always had to be ordered, and there was very little choice in the bookshop.

I was really pleased when I saw an advertisement and review in the Church Times on a whole series of studies by Tom Wright assisted by other Christian writers. It was this which had prompted me to make another visit to the Resource Centre. It would seem that encouraged them to order more group study books, so on this visit some of Tom Wright's studies were already in the shop. I selected one on the first letter to the Corinthians, which will cover the few weeks before Lent when we always do the York Course. Our group has followed the York Courses for several years and we never tire of them. It's one of the reasons we look forward to Lent.

This year, written by Canon John Young and introduced by Dr. David Hope, 'Handing on the Torch' is described as 'Sacred words for a secular world'. We are reminded that while Christianity continues to grow rapidly in Asia (including China), Africa and Latin America, in our Western culture where alternative beliefs are increasingly on offer, it appears to be struggling to survive.

As with Advent, Lent is a time in our Church calendar for personal reflection and contemplation, preparation for the celebration of Easter.

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