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Church News | Sunday, 11 March 2012 |

By Eric Rowley

Carolyn has a vision

Carolyn has a vision

“Would you like to do the comment?” they said. “What do I comment on I asked?”. “Up to you” they said. So what did I chose? God’s Love? Changes made? Dissatisfaction? Death, baptism, resurrection? Families? Finance problems? Buildings and the churchyard? Or the worries, the hopes, the dreams and the future of the Church in Broomfield?

I thought and I thought. Just which one should I comment on. Try as I may I could not make up my mind as they were all so important. Then it came to me. Why not comment on the person who deals with all of these things? Carolyn. Do we take Carolyn for granted or do we appreciate the work done by our new leader?

I have worshipped in Broomfield Saint Mary's for over 30 years, shepherded by four different and extremely good vicars including Carolyn. All very different but all extremely good so they should not be compared. We should just Praise the Lord that we have been so fortunate and blessed.

Carolyn, our present vicar, has now been with us for nearly a year and what a year it has been. I cannot believe how much has happened and how fortunate we are and how grateful we should be that it has.

We had an interregnum of nearly twelve months and as a Church we had a wonderful time doing things new and different with everyone doing their bit to make sure we made it through to the arrival of Carolyn.

We were all so excited and relieved on Carolyn’s arrival and we had lots of different ideas on how things should be changed. Now change usually means trouble and disappointment for those who don't get the changes they want but Carolyn has made the changes requested carefully.

Carolyn, I am sure, has a vision for the Church, as it is now, to become the Church for the whole of Broomfield Parish with everyone looking for God in each other. And for those of us in faith now to reach out to all those around us. It has started to happen and it’s working.

We are seeing children in our church again, seven people were confirmed in November and another five will be confirmed in February. Marriage classes have been held, Remembrance services and church prayer days. On every day except Saturday prayers are said in this Church for the Parish of Broomfield. We had a Harvest Garden Party, the Puppet Ministry came into its own, Fun Faith, Edward Bear, Little Lambs, Student Fellowship see healthy numbers. We had a very successful concert and of course we have changed the order of our services, not to everyone's approval but nearly all and what a difference it has made.

We now have fresh, new, regularly changed, worship where you start at the beginning of the book and work through it to the end. Everyone can join in. What a blessing and what a comfort to any new people coming in. And there are lots of new people coming.

This wonderful year has been a real challenge for Carolyn. Just think every event, every service is the first time for Carolyn who so wants to please but doesn't know how it was done before or what is expected of her this time. What tremendous pressure that must have been.

To summarise my comment, I think we are truly blessed with a really true spiritual leader who deserves all the support we can give her. Thank you to all those who have already given support to Carolyn. Please keep it up.

Encouragement. Everyone needs encouragement so don't be frightened to quietly say thank you to Carolyn for serving us so well. Believe me, in my opinion Carolyn deserves all the support and encouragement we can give her. May God continue to bless Carolyn and us in all the work she does.

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