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Church News | Wednesday, 9 July 2014 |

By Me

Revd Carolyn

Revd Carolyn

At the Wednesday 10.00am mid-week communion Revd Carolyn’s sermon left me with a great feeling of comfort.

Based upon the readings from James and Matthew she began her address by saying how, at many of her funeral visits the bereaved family and friends will often tell her how good the deceased person had been during their life. She said that the grieving family will often speak of how kind or how helpful that person had been or indeed, how generous they always were. Carolyn said that for many non-church going people, the bereaved family members may still appear rather anxious to know, and be comforted by, being assured that even non-Christians will be accepted and welcomed into our Heavenly Father’s home. Carolyn continued her sermon, encompassing the readings we had heard, however, I sat anxiously waiting to hear her opinion on the fate of deceased people who had not been regular church-goers.

Neither of my own parents went to church but both were good, honest and upright people who never knowingly did any harm to anyone. Both of them were always ready to give a helping hand if they possibly could and were generous to a fault, but it has always been of great concern to me that they had never professed to be Christian.

However, I need not have worried for as like my parents; Carolyn generously concluded her sermon by saying:

‘Of course all good people, whether church-goers or not would be welcomed by God, our Heavenly Father who is all loving and all forgiving.’

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