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Church News | Monday, 14 July 2014 |

By Joan

The Bishops Cross

The Bishops Cross

The Church of England has voted in favour of allowing women to be appointed as bishops.

The vote took place at a meeting of the ruling general synod in York - 18 months after a previous attempt was blocked

The Yes votes overturns centuries of tradition in a Church that has been deeply divided over the issue for decades.

The House of Bishops recorded 37 votes in favour, two against with one abstention. The House of Clergy had 162 in favour, 25 against and four abstentions. The House of Laity voted 152 for, 45 against with five abstentions.

Anglican leaders had warned of severe damage to the Church's reputation. The traditionalists had argued that they would lose their legal right to the care of a male bishop, and enter an uncertain future relying heavily on the goodwill of future women bishops.

The legislation that the general synod voted on contained concessions for traditionalists unwilling to serve under a woman bishop - giving them the right to ask for a male alternative and to take disputes to an independent arbitrator.

Gentle hands

Gentle hands

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