Let Us Pray...

Prayer request by: Davina | On: 20 July 2021

Please pray for my mother Elizabeth Jean Lake whose ashes are to be placed in her mothers grave at St Mary with St Leonard on Saturday 24th July thank you

Prayer request by: Lawrence | On: 11 July 2021

Dear Father God Thank you for forgiving my beautiful wife Jill and I and our immediate family members of all sin Father Thank you that my beautiful wife Jill and I Lawrence will glorify your name and be the beautiful bright warm light in our beautiful marriage and all our family members and friends colleagues amen Father I’m sorry I’m not very happy that my stomach is a bit sore, bloated and uncomfortable Father Thank you that you will quickly speedily fully heal my stomach and restore my stomach to being and feeling infinitely better before this current episode amen Father I thank you healing and restoring all of our minds bodies souls of my beautiful wife Jill and I Lawrence and all our family members friends colleagues amen Father I thank you that I will be leaving my current job very soon on a very positive and high note and starting a much better job very soon, exceedingly better in every way every aspect, less hours,higher salary, geographical area, the team and a fulfilling satisfying secure job/ vocation that will greatly enrich our beautiful marriage and glorify your name Father amen Father I thank you that Paul H and all my colleagues will communicate the utmost respect regard for me my work as a friend and treasured colleague and indirectly to my beautiful wife Jill Father I thank you that Paul H has complete utter trust in me and will always be completely supportive genuine encouraging full of praise Father I thank you for granting us all the healing restoration the desires miracles needs breakthroughs of our hearts far exceedingly abundantly better than we could ever imagine in the name of Jesus Christ amen

Prayer request by: John | On: 6 July 2021

On this, the day of my 36th birthday, please pray that I will receive an abundance of happy blessings, peace, joy, gifts and contentment in my life. That is all I ask on this, my birthday - pray it will be so. Thank you. John King in Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

Prayer request by: Mark | On: 27 June 2021

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me in my study and research publication, financial support and job hiring as TESOL, deliverance from every evil and sin especially from Candiasan-Mamigo family and the Brothers of Christ community. Amen

Prayer request by: manoj | On: 26 June 2021

Dear Prayer worriers My name is manoj yeolekar I am in very difficult situation right now facing lots of problems in my job I am working in a school known as st hildas school as a junior clerk due to low student strength in our school our school senior named swati battise as she was transferred three months before as her senior post was cancelled yesterday she with the help of education officer she told her that she will accept junior clerk post so they have decided to remove me from my school where I am presently working and restate her on my place with this week . I want lord to cancelled all this devils plans in my life I want to work in same place where I am today please pray that lord should miraculously cancel my transfer please pray that lord should help me I want my transfer to be cancelled in Jesus name please help me by your prayer please pray that education officer mrs wakhare madam should change her mind please pray that she should be touch by holy spirit for favoring me please pray for all my affords that I am trying physically to stop my transfer please pray I am in need of your prayer support facing lots of difficulties all the doors are closed only lord can stop my transfer pl. pray for me. You’re in Christ manoj yeolekar.