Let Us Pray...

Prayer request by: Rebecca | On: 28 April 2022

Hi, My aunty is in hospital with a bad chest infection. Doctors are concerned that she does not seem to be improving. They have told us that there is nothing more that they can do - unless her bloods improve and then they could perform surgery to remove liquid from her lung. We ask that you join our family in prayer, we beg God to send angels to heal her. To make recovery possible even where it seems impossible. Please remove the infection, let her bloods improve and please heal her.

Prayer request by: John | On: 27 April 2022

Please pray for little five year old Isaac Saunders, the son of my best friend Darryl Saunders and his wife Sarah. This lovely family unit lives in Bradford City, England. Isaac has had health issues since he was born. Pray that Isaac will be blessed with strength, good health and happiness always, as he has two devoted and loving parents and extended family/friends who want this little man to be happy and healthy always. Thank You. From John King.

Prayer request by: Henry | On: 25 April 2022

Samra tested positive for covid on a Lateral Flow Test and is feeling very poorly, feverish with sore throat. Please pray for God to heal her and remove the covid and all symptoms completely.

Prayer request by: Henry | On: 22 April 2022

Please pray for healing for Samra who has sore throat and is feeling feverish.

Prayer request by: David | On: 18 April 2022

Please pray for our daughter Michelle and her beautiful son Silas, that they find secure accommodation safe from the family violence that has dominated their life for some years. Also they be given the opportunity to continue the new and full life Michelle has been able to build for her family during the past year in a new town in country Australia.

Prayer request by: John | On: 16 April 2022

On this eve of Easter 2022, I ask you to say a personal prayer for myself. I recently inherited money, and I am looking to start a new, fresh life, filled with my own independence and freedom. I am searching for an apartment to rent by myself, so that I can live a truly independent and a more happier life. Pray that through an Easter miracle, I will find the perfect apartment for me to rent, in the location I desire, at the perfect cost. This Easter Miracle, will bring me a world of happiness.

Prayer request by: John | On: 12 April 2022

Please offer your prayers for me right now. I continue to suffer from heart issues. My heart was damaged in 2017 when I fell into a diabetic coma, and it has never fully recovered. My heart issues can cause pain, irregular heart beats and fast pulse. There is no real cure for this. Pray for comfort, healing, support and easing of symptoms to be provided to me now and always. Thank you. John King, aged 36 in Derry City, Northern Ireland.

Prayer request by: John | On: 12 April 2022

On this Holy Tuesday of 2022, I ask you to pray for Conor Rabbett, a 20 year old kind, warm, generous, hard working young man, who at such a young age has become a great worker in the world of social media, TV production, Ecommerce and online productions. He is from Derry in Northern Ireland, my home city, and is a friend of our family. Pray for Conor, that he will always be blessed, guided and protected in his creative career and in his life in general. May he experience Easter blessings.

Prayer request by: Henry | On: 5 April 2022

Please pray for healing for Ben, his wife and family.

Prayer request by: C | On: 30 March 2022

Please pray that I will find a job and a new place to live. I also notice that the samethings seem to occuring on repeat in my life. I feel like I am caught in a destructive cycle that isnt breaking no mater how hard I try. No joy, no happiness, laughter, not even a break or moment to breathe. Its just one thing after the next. As a child of God, I am exhausted and standing at a crossroad. I am struggling to see the point of anything.

Prayer request by: John | On: 27 March 2022

Please pray for me, that I will receive a constant flow of healing support. I need healing in all parts of my physical body, plus immediate & constant support for my mental health, as I suffer from severe borderline personality disorder, involving depression. All I want is to be happy, reasonably healthy & stable in my mental health & wellbeing. Pray this happens to me now & always. Thank you. John King, aged 36 in Derry, Northern Ireland.

Prayer request by: Elisabeth | On: 26 March 2022

Elisabeth Bannerman Asking for Gods Healing for breast Cancer with spread of the Cancer Cells in the body and a starting radioactive Therapy for Cancer i am a resident of Accra Ghana

Prayer request by: Charles | On: 18 March 2022

Please pray for me that God would deliver My Life from poverty and lack, evil altars, and God to give me Great Wisdom and Grace and Favor and Power to Create Wealth, and God to Bless the Works of my hands and God to give me Great Success, Prosperity, Excellence in All my Pursuits and Endeavors in Jesus Christ Holy name, and God to give me Great Wisdom like King Solomon in Wealth Creation.

Prayer request by: John | On: 12 March 2022

Hello, please pray for kindness, love, caring, joy, peace, comfort and financial help to come into my earthly existence right now, and always remain with me. All of these have been absent from my life over the recent years. They MUST return to me NOW. Especially being loved and having financial freedom. Thank you. John King, aged 36 in Derry City, Northern Ireland.

Prayer request by: Henry | On: 11 February 2022

Please pray for God to protect Jane and that she will make friends at her new home.

Prayer request by: Henry | On: 10 February 2022

My arms were shaking today and are also itching a lot. Please pray for healing for me. Please also pray for general healing for me.

Prayer request by: John | On: 4 February 2022

Please pray for my best friend Darryl Saunders, his wife Sarah and their five year old son Isaac. They live in Bradford, England. May this warm family unit be always blessed, guided and protected by their loving divine creator, helping 2022 be a happy year for them all. Thank you. From John King.

Prayer request by: Lovely | On: 30 January 2022

Thank you Lord God. Thank you Jesus. Thank you all for praying.

Prayer request by: Lovely | On: 29 January 2022

Please pray to dear Lord for my family unity, love. Love our dear God and Trust in Him, Children obey Parents. It is a very very bad situation now here. Please stop my first daughter boyfriend relationship. Both are only 17. Stop the relationship dear Lord. Please dear Lord, they part their ways friendly. Need urgent and strong prayers please. Both my children obey, respect us.

Prayer request by: Ludovic | On: 26 January 2022

Please pray Jesus for my healing. After surgery my leg is still swollen but I am better. Thanks God I will be able to walk and drive normally soon. God bless my family. Please pray Jesus also for the family ostreinova in kiev ukraine. The mother Oksana is a widow and invalid. The daughter nastia would like to get married to a young christian man. Thanks

Prayer request by: John | On: 24 January 2022

Please pray for 63 year old Martina King in Derry City, Northern Ireland. She has chronic irritable bowel syndrome, and is currently experiencing a flare up of symptoms. Pray for immediate healing, comfort, ease of symptoms and may she return to normal right now through immediate divine help. Thank you.

Prayer request by: Lloyd | On: 24 January 2022

For peace and religious unity in the world. To enlighten and guide all the leaders of our world, nation and community For the Pope and all Catholics. For our family and near and dear ones. For our spiritual and temporal wants. For good health and long life. That we may go to Heaven when we die. For success in work and studies. For a happy married life for my daughter and for the good health of her son and parents. For the souls of our dear departed. Thanksgiving for favours received

Prayer request by: joyce | On: 23 January 2022

Dear Lord Jesus n our Blessed Mother: please forgive our sins n have mercy on us n our pets. I urgently ask the Lord to STOP the KWT’s cruelty to wildlife city bylaw from passing. Have mercy, NO massacre of wildlife n pets. Leads us to our allies groups, may they respond and take action. . We ask the Lord to grant us all safe homes. NO eviction, NO nanny state, NO infringing our religious rights n NO search of homes without warrants. We ask for divine protection for birds, renters, and pets. We ask for wisdom, total trust, strength, and solid faith. May St Francis and Blessed mother intercede for us. Through Jesus, I ask. Amen. Joyce

Prayer request by: Melanie | On: 16 January 2022

Please pray for my father Dennis. He is suffering with bladder cancer and is in a lot of distress. My mother is extremely upset. Doctors say to expect the worst. Please, please pray for his healing. Thank you and God bless

Prayer request by: a. | On: 16 January 2022

Please pray for a poor dog RE 10 years old to get successfully adopted thanks

Prayer request by: Michael | On: 15 January 2022

Help me pray that my Father God who feeds the birds of the air and the lilies in the wild provide money for me from any international organizations to help me build an Entrepreneurial University that will take care of and educate orphans, street beggars, widows, and unemployed youths.

Prayer request by: John | On: 14 January 2022

I am asking you to pray and intercede for me, that I will receive pure kindness, love and care from a divine intervention today, bringing me peace and abundance in my finances, and overall joy, love, peace, reassurance and care in all other aspects of my existence here on earth from this moment forth. Amen! Thank you. John King, aged 36 in Derry City, Ireland.

Prayer request by: Kai | On: 13 January 2022

Please help me pray for faster recovery for my sister Katherine Ibrado and her husband Kawin from covid illness. To bring back thier sense of smell and taste and heal them all the way. Thank you.