Let Us Pray...

Prayer request by: John | On: 10 October 2021

Please pray for me now, as I am currently suffering from a flare up of my diverticular disease which brings really painful symptoms in my stomach and bowels. Pray that I will be given some comfort, healing, easing of my symptoms and relief from this moment forth from heaven. Thank you. John King, aged 36 in Derry, Northern Ireland.

Prayer request by: a. | On: 28 September 2021

Please can you pray for two poor dogs, 7 and 5 years to get successfully adopted from shelter K. Pray for many home offers. Thank you

Prayer request by: John | On: 23 September 2021

Please send out healing energy right now to Martina King, a 63 year old woman in Londonderry, Northern Ireland who suffers from chronic irritable bowel syndrome, and has regular flare ups, caused by stress, anxiety and other issues. Please send out the healing energy to her, to bring her immediate comfort, relief, ease of symptoms and support. Many Thanks.

Prayer request by: Henry | On: 22 September 2021

Please pray for God to heal Nicole and to remove her Dyslexia

Prayer request by: Henry | On: 18 September 2021

Please pray for Tracy who has recently been widowed, for God to comfort her and for financial provision for her.

Prayer request by: John | On: 18 September 2021

Dear Sir/Madam - On this Saturday please offer up your prayers for the Reverend Robert Coupland, minor canon and sacrist in the beautiful and historic Saint Paul’s Cathedral in the City of London. Pray for this kind and warm Church of England (Anglican) clergyman, that his loving God will continue to bless, protect and guide this young man in his ministry and life, especially throughout this busy autumn/winter season. Thank you. Mr. John King.

Prayer request by: Henry | On: 17 September 2021

At work a spirit that sounded like the voice of one of my work colleagues said that they (my work colleagues) were under demonic bondage but were unable to ask for help. Obviously I know to ignore anything any spirit (other than God) says. But please pray for God to allow my work colleagues to ask me or the church or God for help and/or deliverance ministry if they want or need it (but to ask in normal human ways). Pray also for discernment for me. Pray also for God to disable any demons.

Prayer request by: John | On: 7 September 2021

Dear Sir/Madam - Please can you pray for my very close friend Darryl Saunders who lives in Bradford, England. Darryl celebrated his 34th birthday yesterday. Pray that he will always be blessed, guided and protected by his loving God. Pray too for his wife Sarah and their son Issac who is 4 and a half years old. May this lovely, warm family unit always be blessed with happiness. Thank you. From John King.