Meditation & Prayer

St Mary’s tower
a space suitable for reflection and meditation

During church opening times, the sheltering quietness of St Mary’s ancient round tower provides a space suitable for quiet reflection.

Here by the beautiful Rutherford fresco, one can meditate on its message, “Christ Stilling the Storm”, offering respite and solace to those suffering from the stresses of our time.

Under Project Rutherford, St Mary’s spire was repaired and the tower walls, interior and fresco conserved. All was completed late in 2023. An important outreach intention of the Project was for the tower to be a space suitable for reflection and meditation, a wonderful addition to the potential of our building for offering time out to those across the whole community. The small mobile table was made by a church member, using wood from one of the pews removed from the north aisle to provide the exhibition space. The cloth, reflecting the theme of the fresco was made by another church member.