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The story and fabric of St Mary’s church in Broomfield, and the life of Rosemary Rutherford and her achievements, are promoted in our fully-illustrated booklet series, People & Stone, as well as by our Events including People & Stone talks.

People & stone talks – link to past talks

Rosemary Rutherford was a prolific artist; she captured the human condition and the beauty of nature across her work. She was exceptionally talented, from drawing to painting to etching and stained glass making.

She painted and sketched everything she witnessed and her work combines intense religious belief with emotion and vibrant colour.

‘Rosemary Rutherford: life and works of an extraordinary artist’ No. 5 in our People & Stone series, reveals the spirit of Rosemary’s artistic life and achievements.

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Forthcoming booklets in the People & Stone series:

Stained Glass and Rosemary Rutherford – Spring 2024.

Church Materials – Deep History in Walls: 2nd edition, with added information about the tower wall – March 2024.

People & stone talks – link to past talks